Lamborghini RESONARE

Publication: 7 July 2014

concept car

When designing line of Resonare the main goal was to create a very futuristic an aggressive look, the amount of bends and angles was intentional act. I thought that this concept does not have to be nice, but it has to be challenging and provocative. So if any of You are looking for something typical in it, You will not find it here. It was also important for me to keep the style of the Lamborghini and the nature of the body line of of the brand.

This concept is a sports car capable of a very aggressive and fast driving having one powerful engine. It is a two-seater car having the cockpit designed in the style between elegance and sport.On the renders I present various color solutions that emphasize style of the car. In addition, opening the doors up refer to the stylistics of Lamborghini brand.

The car on my pictures is available in three versions (Classic, Extreme version and Individual) which differ from each other exterior and interior colors and technical parameters as well.

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