Publication: 9 October 2015

concept vehicle 

DELAHAYE is a French automotive brand founded by Emile Delahaye, who presented his first car in 1894 at the exhibition in Paris. The aim of the project was to create fully new design of a car body, so that to emphasize the advantages of the classics of the brand. It was not an easy task because the current models of the brand strongly differ from each other. The fact that the brand does not have DELAHAYE younger models was an extra difficulty, so there was no contemporary design to have an actual reference point for the brand. The assumption was to to create a very elegant car for the demanding Customer, for whom the convenience and appearance of the car is crucial. The project can be seen in four color versions, which contain oval headlights referring to the classics. The interior from the beginning was to have a simple and clear design, but referring to the style of the classics, such like for example the clocks are located on the center console. Touch display integrated between the clocks has been designed so that to not turn the attention away from the striking clocks. The entire interior is inspired mostly by musical instruments, such like the clarinet, saxophone, piano, etc. It is a combination of wood with chrome that emphasize the mechanics of such a devices as gearbox for instance (the biggest dial on the bottom console).

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