Alfa Romeo FURIA 2016

Publication: 13 July 2016

concept car

Assumptions of the project were such as to create a new super car that will refer through its styling to the spirit of the brand.

Of course FURIA name already exists in one of the models of Alfa Romeo, but my project is not a new generation of classic. When creating FURIA design my goal was to get as much as possible inspiration from the the majority of classic of the brand. Watching my design, the fans of this brand should see a lot of details that suggest them from which vehicle comes the inspiration from. Such like for example: green lacquer colors with orange detail comes from Alfa Romeo Bertone Carabo, the rear part of the car and exactly horizontal fin refers to the Alfa Romeo Tipo 33-2 Daytona, Alfa Romeo Furia G1 and Alfa Romeo Cuneo 33. The shape of the body which in my project is rounded refers to the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale and Alfa Romeo GTV Spider. Delicate arches cutting plane give them an interesting character. An important part of the design of the new Furia is the front part of the car – the grill, which is integrated into the oval air intake like in the old times. The project has a lot of features that tell the rich history of the Alfa Romeo brand and certainly every fan of this brand will find something for him.

The interior of the car is for 2 person, and You shouldn’t count too much on convenience, because it is a sports car. Here to enjoy the pleasure of driving you have to meet half way. The interior is cramped, and getting inside is not easy but what can’t be done to have such a beautiful machine in the garage. FURIA interior clearly says that it is the driver who is the most important while driving, and to whom are facing all the vehicle controls, so he feel like in the cockpit of a jet which moves him to another world. The driver must feel exceptionally because interior design is a tribute to the driver who has won a new life.

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