My name is Paweł.
I have a fondness for cars.

Their hand sketching, and later processing in 3D programs after a few years became my hallmark. This was the base for the Breshke Design studio creation.
Nowadays Breshke Design works with people specializing in various industries, whose experience is essential to work in an interdisciplinary project team. These are designers caring for the visual aspect of the product, the aesthetics, its functional features, ergonomics and functionality, but also people who are responsible for creating business strategy, marketing, management of the design process – Design Management.
We are engaged in industrial design by designing products and services in accordance with industry guidelines (our Clients) in response to user needs.

We have experience in designing items of automotive characteristics, vehicles and their individual components, electronic equipment, devices casing, furniture, lighting, as well as services and processes thanks to a growing awareness of our Customers.
We are also a performer of audits and design strategies which aim is to deliver innovative amendments in field of design in companies. More informations see here

Well-designed object increases the attractiveness of the whole product, really co-creates its market success and improves the image of the whole company. That is the goal of our work!

With regards

Paweł BRESHKE Czyżewski